[PDF] Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

by Christopher Roberts

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This book will provide you with seven keys to spiritual awakening. The first key to spiritual awakening relates to those who have a desire to follow God on a deeper level; people who want to enjoy God's presence more and more as the days grow darker. Particularly, this section of the book will consider the importance of developing a Christian lifestyle that is expedient with a spiritual awakening, rather than just following something that leads to religious observance and bondage. The second key to spiritual awakening relates to discovering God's will for our lives, opposed to following our own desires and inclinations. Following God's will, therefore, starts when we learn to submit to God rather than submitting to other people; especially if we submit to people who have not themselves sought God to develop keys pertaining to their own spiritual awakening. The third key to spiritual awakening is about learning to avoid the temptation of trying to follow God on a wide path, particularly when he might be encouraging us to walk on the narrow path; a path often less travelled upon by some Christians today. God is looking for people who will walk on such a narrow path, even though it may seem like they are following a lonely road that others themselves do not want to travel down. The forth key to spiritual awakening relates to considering how we might put ourselves last. Learning to put ourselves last is the best antidote to the competitive spirit and attitude that has invaded some of our churches today. This competitive attitude, which is bullying in nature, belongs in the world and not in our churches. Therefore learning to take a back seat, rather than always striving for recognition, will help us to find rest under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1). The fifth key to spiritual awakening relates to being motivated by God's love rather than just being motivated by human love; a love that can be sentimental and which can reside in the seat of our emotions. God's love within us is sacrificial, whereas human love can often be self-serving. As it says in 1 Corinthians 13:3 NIV, 'If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.' The sixth key to spiritual awakening is learning to serve God from a heart knowledge, rather than just from a head knowledge; particularly when it comes to spiritual matters. Someone with a heart knowledge for God is someone who is more prone to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit; after they have given their life to Christ. However, someone with only a head knowledge of the Kingdom of God is more prone to follow the rules and regulations imposed upon them by religious people. The seventh and final key to spiritual awakening relates to God's favor upon our lives. When we discover God's favor upon our lives, we can trust him to open doors for us, rather than just relying on other people to open those doors for us. Networking is the worldly alternative to God opening doors; a concept that has started to creep into some of our churches today. There is nothing wrong with someone helping to open a door for us into ministry, for example, as long as that door leads us into God's purpose for our lives. If the door that people open for us does not have God on the other side of it, then we might be on a hiding to nowhere. It is my pray that as you read through these seven keys to spiritual awakening, God will provide you with the necessary revelations you need to grow deeper in spiritual matters. I have been very encouraged by writing this book, and should you find aspects of the book where I repeat myself, this is because the point I am making is important. May God bless you as you grow in God's grace in the days to come.

































Spiritual Awakening







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